Dr. Joalie Davie practiced conventional Western medicine for three decades before she started her Santa Fe practice, where she integrates alternative therapies. Jane Phillips/The New Mexican

When Santa Feans mention enrolling in a tapping class, they may not be talking about dance lessons. Instead, the class probably involves EFT — or emotional freedom technique, informally called tapping. EFT is among several alternative medical treatments offered by Dr. Joalie Davie.

Davie, a former emergency physician, is a Santa Fe practitioner who supplements her Western medical training with alternative therapies. “If you had told me 20 years ago that I’d be practicing alternative medicine — from ancient Eastern techniques to innovative, new ones, I would have said, ‘Absolutely not. This is quackery.’ But I have been convinced differently — reading many scientific studies and witnessing the success of alternative medicine — for myself and my patients,” she said. After more than three decades practicing conventional Western medicine and caring for more than 30,000 patients, Davie continued her quest to find the best possible ways to help her patients….Continue reading