“I was training for my eighth marathon and having some Achilles problems, so I was concerned about being able to finish the race. Dr. Davie helped me visualize running the marathon, and she helped me with breathing exercises. Using Dr. Davie’s techniques, I was able to cross the finish line in 2 hours and 49 minutes. This was the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2010. My wife and I continue to train for and run at least one marathon a year.” - Antonio Lopez, vice president and senior financial adviser for Merrill Lynch, as told to The New Mexican reporter Margaret Wilson for the Health and Science section April 5, 2013.

“I had carried a burden of guilt because of an action for which I was unable to forgive myself. After attending one of Dr. Davie’s forgiveness workshops, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from within me.” - Claire Lichtenstein, a retired teacher and librarian, as told to The New Mexican reporter Margaret Wilson for the Health and Science section APRIL 5, 2013.

“The pain I had in my neck for 3 months is just gone”.  Anna. R. Santa Fe, NM.

"I am a board certified family physician and a holistic health counselor. In my health counseling practice I often employ energy psychology techniques such as TAT. I have studied several techniques and have been trained in their use. Still, when I tried to use it to help myself with an issue I was having around infertility and grief, I found myself feeling stuck. I was not able to move past certain negative feelings and expectations. Working with Joalie helped immensely. She is compassionate, insightful and very intuitive. She is a patient listener and possess the skills to ask the right question at the right time.

She used all these skills to help me to experience a true shift in my perspective. Negative feelings that had seemed so impossible to shake, lifted. Feelings of negativity and hopelessness were replaced with a sense of optimism and peace.

I have found TAT to be immensely helpful in both my own person practice and with clients. However, when it comes to an issue that is very powerful, knowing the steps of each technique may not be enough. In these instances a trained energy therapist can act as a guide leading you toward a place of healing. Joalie Davie is one of the best. You could not ask for a more skilled and caring therapist. I recommend her services most highly. - Christine Farrell-Riley MD, Massachusetts.

“A freeing and nurturing experience.” - C. Hines, RN; Santa Fe, NM.

“Dr.Davie is cutting edge medicine and her workshops are educational, fascinating and very wonderful (healing too)." - E.S. Santa Fe, NM.

"Dr. Joalie Davie) is a tremendous healer. She combines a traditional medical background with sharp complementary alternative medical skills, to help clients shift out of long-term patterns of pain of all kinds. I can’t say enough about her skills, and the help she has given me.”  - Jane Beard, Baltimore, MD.

“The [Forgiveness] Workshop was magic.  It is worth every minute.  I felt peaceful and at ease with Dr. Davie’s throughout the two hours that we spent releasing the negative energies that have been with me for over 5 years”    - Bina Shahani, Santa Fe, NM.

"My work with Dr. Davie helped ground me in a much deeper, more peaceful, restful place from which to conduct my extremely busy life. At the same time, the physical symptoms, of stress I was experiencing entirely disappeared. - JFK, Santa Fe, NM.

"In my forties I started experiencing symptoms of unbalanced hormones such as excessive bleeding, decreased energy, insomnia, bloating, and intense mood swings. Dr. Davie’s unique blend of techniques relieved all of these conditions! I deeply appreciate how much I learned and how much I healed. - Jennifer Knelthan, NM.

"Joalie has the rare ability to create a healing environment that is so open and comfortable that I immediately felt at ease. She helped me to remove barriers in my life that have prevented me from moving forward in my career and personal life. I am forever grateful to her for her services" - Jennifer S, Santa Fe, NM.

"Dr. Joalie Davie's medical knowledge puts her in a special place in the Energy Psychology world. I recommend her wholeheartedly. She has the unique blend of broad Energy Psychology skills, caring and loving nature, keen intuition and solid professional medical experience." - Dr. Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW, creator Allergy Antidotes, Co-creator Ask and Receive, NJ.

“What I really liked ... is that Dr. Joalie [Davie] allowed me to go to a place where I felt safe and get rid of a stressor that was on my mind for three to four months... From a business professional’s perspective, it allowed to grow and be more productive. — Antonio Lopez, Santa Fe, NM.

“It’s really helpful, empowering and sensitive work. I am becoming a better business woman”. - Nancy Kenney, Business Owner, Santa Fe NM.

“I still can't get over the profoundly deep work Dr. Joalie Davie did with me. It was transformative. I continue to feel the EFT's (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT's (Tapas Acupressure Technique) positive effects. Joalie is respectful, thoughtful and gentle. She obviously is highly educated and experienced. Her style and commitment to use her talents in healing is worthy of great admiration and respect. I remain indebted to her. - Aggie Goldenholz Rabbinic Pastor Thiensville, WI.

“Dr. Davie's gentle and effective approach to overcoming stressful life situations has helped me instantly. I was blown away by how simple and easy it is to make positive changes in my life and I am so grateful for her loving and kind energy which made me feel safe to share my pains. - Y.N., Santa Fe, NM.

“When I work with Dr. Davie, it feels safe and healing. She is an extremely kind and caring person with the knowledge to apply alternative medicine to body and mind. - S.S., Amherst, MA.

“I found that one EFT session with Dr. Davie reduced a concern and provided relief, a positive outlook, and a smile. I felt comfortable, safe, and respected, and found the process to be gentle and honoring.” - E.E., Santa Fe, NM.

"Thank you for your flexibility and sensitivities, I hope you know how much I appreciate you. It is somewhat a miracle to me that you have come into my life and blessed me with so much good will and healing skill. I am so impressed with your wisdom. You are able to put my attention on things that I have not said to you, but know in myself to be true. Your level of sensitivity, expressed the way that you express it, is amazing. - Nancy K., Santa Fe, NM.

“I'm a 66 year old woman and three months ago I thought I could stop a rolling car before it hit something. I couldn't, I slipped under it and it rolled over both of my calves. I approached Joalie to deal with the trauma of the accident and the post traumatic distress symptoms I was having. Within a 75 minute session both were cleared from my emotions and my body. For the first time I learned about the Tapas Acupressure Technique for which Joalie is a established professional. A week later I called her and did a phone session for smoking. Again, in 75 minutes it was handled and smoking is no longer an issue for me. I am thrilled to have Joalie and the knowledge of TAT in my life. " - Linda Zweig.