Love Your Body-

It’s about nurturing you from the inside. Thursdays mornings or evenings visit for details.

Tired of short term loss and guilt? Frustrated with will-power, diet, exercise and gaining it all back, and more? It’s not about the diet; it’s about nurturing yourself from the inside.
This program offers guilt free, long term results, we use cutting edge techniques, including Focusing, TAT, hypnosis and EFT. These practices empower you to clear negative mental programs, freeing you from addictions to the foods that your body does not need, resulting in benefits that will last your whole life.
So if you are ready to eliminate one or more food addictions, feel empowered and more relaxed and improve your relationship with food,
register today for this unique opportunity. Call 505-819-9717

TESTIMONIALS from past participants:
“It was a great class. In just one session I was able to stop my cravings and was more aware of what I was eating.”

“Very helpful class.”

“It was a positive experience.”

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