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A Case of Abdominal Pain

I wrote Healing The Power in You;  Tapping into Courage, Hope, and Resilience  because this information has changed my life, and in fact has saved my life.  I share these cases with you because I hope it can help you too or help someone you love.   I share with you excerpts from the second…

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FOOD ~ Adopting “The Right Stuff”

As an adoptee, it seems I’m always trying to improve myself. Longtime fitness buff- skier, hiker, former marathon runner, I thought I was doing fine in the food department. Maybe not everything right, but OK. When I took a weekend course in Culinary Healing from Dr. Joalie Davie, I learned how to do much better.…

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The Santa Fe New Mexican profiles Dr. Joalie Davie:

When Santa Feans mention enrolling in a tapping class, they may not be talking about dance lessons. Instead, the class probably involves EFT — or emotional freedom technique, informally called tapping. EFT is among several alternative medical treatments offered by Dr. Joalie Davie. Davie, a former emergency physician, is a Santa Fe practitioner who supplements…

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Dr. Joalie Davie’s talk at her 40th Harvard College reunion this fall:

I am a Boston, Massachusetts, educated and trained physician. Today, I devote my practice to mind-body medicine—at Health from Within, a practice I founded in Santa Fe New Mexico five years ago. If you had told me twenty years ago that I would be practicing alternative medicine, I would have thought that was the most…

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FORGIVENESS Using a powerful Energy Psychology Modality;Tapas Acupressure Technique with Joalie Davie, MD Forgiving and accepting forgiveness are instrumental in moving on and finding peace. Being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. A Chinese proverb. In this workshop, you will learn how to access that place…

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Love Your Body

Love Your Body- It’s about nurturing you from the inside. Thursdays mornings or evenings visit www.healthfromwithin.org/events for details. Tired of short term loss and guilt? Frustrated with will-power, diet, exercise and gaining it all back, and more? It’s not about the diet; it’s about nurturing yourself from the inside. This program offers guilt free, long…

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