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A Case of Abdominal Pain

I wrote Healing The Power in You;  Tapping into Courage, Hope, and Resilience  because this information has changed my life, and in fact has saved my life.  I share these cases with you because I hope it can help you too or help someone you love.   I share with you excerpts from the second…

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FOOD ~ Adopting “The Right Stuff”

As an adoptee, it seems I’m always trying to improve myself. Longtime fitness buff- skier, hiker, former marathon runner, I thought I was doing fine in the food department. Maybe not everything right, but OK. When I took a weekend course in Culinary Healing from Dr. Joalie Davie, I learned how to do much better.…

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The Santa Fe New Mexican profiles Dr. Joalie Davie:

When Santa Feans mention enrolling in a tapping class, they may not be talking about dance lessons. Instead, the class probably involves EFT — or emotional freedom technique, informally called tapping. EFT is among several alternative medical treatments offered by Dr. Joalie Davie. Davie, a former emergency physician, is a Santa Fe practitioner who supplements…

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Dr. Joalie Davie’s talk at her 40th Harvard College reunion this fall:

I am a Boston, Massachusetts, educated and trained physician. Today, I devote my practice to mind-body medicine—at Health from Within, a practice I founded in Santa Fe New Mexico five years ago. If you had told me twenty years ago that I would be practicing alternative medicine, I would have thought that was the most…

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