Health From Within

Health From Within is about healing from the inside, the inner wisdom of the body that allows a wound to heal, a plant to grow, a flower to bloom. It is that innate wisdom of the body that animals access constantly to live and survive in the wild. And this wisdom is present in each of us. We just need to access it and nurture it.

Health From Within was founded by Dr. Joalie Davie, an emergency physician who searched for answers beyond allopathic medicine; the standard practice of medicine.  She researched and studied various healing approaches and now offers her clients innovative modalities integrating energy therapy, light touch acupressure techniques, and psychoneuroimmunology. Dr Davie addresses problems from the subconscious mind connection and works with you to help eliminate their root cause so your body and mind can be congruent and heal.

Do you want to … Are you ready to free yourself from…
    • Have more energy, clarity and lightness of being?
    • Experience more joy in your life?
    • Release obstacles to your emotional well-being?
    • Feel healthier and more whole?
    • Lose weight without struggles?
    • Sleep better?
    • Heal from surgery and traumas faster and more successfully?
    • Feel more centered and at peace?
    • Be happier?
    • Pain or suffering?
    • Excess weight?
    • Anxiety and phobias?
    • Shame or guilt?
    • Stress?
    • Body image issues?
    • Insomnia?
    • Feeling down?
    • Menopausal symptoms?
    • PMS?
    • Heavy feelings?
    • Depression?
    • Old patterns and traumas?

Then Health From Within is for you!

Conventional medicine effectively treats symptoms of most medical problems. However, sometimes the best of medicine is not enough. It takes insight, wisdom and clarity to get to the root of any problem. At Health From Within, Dr. Joalie Davie’s innovative practices can assist you in reaching your healthiest potential with grace and ease.

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