Health From Within Is...

A center for health, healing, wellness, stress reduction and community. Here you will connect to the innate wisdom of your body that is pure and always present. You will learn to nurture that power and use it for healing and wellness—safely, rapidly, with ease and grace.

This knowing is present in each of us. We just need to be reacquainted.


The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head. Often the best part of your work will have nothing to do with potions and powders. (William Osler, MD)

Dr. Joalie Davie practiced conventional Western medicine for three decades before she started her Santa Fe practice, where she integrates alternative therapies. Jane Phillips/The New Mexican

Meet DR. JOALIE DAVIE - your guide to YOUR BODY’S inner wisdom

My medical training and work as an emergency physician prepared me to treat symptoms and conditions rather than patients. Over the years, this became more and more incongruous to me. I searched for answers among health practitioners working outside of conventional Western medicine.

I became fascinated by the successful healing of some patients, despite their ominous prognoses. What was behind these seemingly “miraculous” cures?

After researching, studying and training in various mind-body approaches—such as energy psychology, light-touch acupressure techniques, hypnosis and psychoneuroimmunology —I used this new knowledge to develop a blend of these time-proven modalities to help my clients heal.

Key to my approach is the partnership established between me and the person with a problem—together we work to resolve the issue and restore health.

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Let nature be your teacher, let love be your guide. (Joalie Davie, MD)

I specialize in helping:


Relationship Issues, Anger, Grief, Anxiety, Sadness, and Performance Anxiety

Chronic Issues, Arthritis & Pain

Stress Management

Health From Within is for you!

Conventional medicine effectively treats symptoms of most medical problems. However, sometimes the best of medicine is not enough. It takes insight, wisdom and clarity to get to the root of any problem. At Health From Within, Dr. Joalie Davie’s innovative practices can assist you in reaching your healthiest potential with grace and ease.

Our Mission

Our intention is to be present, honest and authentic in our connection, to act with integrity, and to empower you to experience grace with ease in your quest toward healing  and wellness.

Our mission is to provide you with individualized care to help you experience wholeness and fulfillment in your life.